Tutorial to Make a Free Website – Free of Hassle, Really

website design procedure

Making a website is going to require time and money. Yes – a website is never free, especially if you are expecting it to make money. This tutorial will elaborate the steps to making a website with budgeting tips. These are the 3 Ps to making a website:


Intent to make a website is the primary thing you need to clarify in your head. Websites can be categorized into a few categories listed below; you need to pick yours’.

  • Personal

    If you want to share personal information like work portfolio or resume, or your hobbies like photography, this is your type of website.

  • Blog

    Blogs can be for both personal and business usage.
    Personal blog is like an online journal about life experiences or your interests like cooking, reviews of books that you have read or learning how to code.
    Business blogs have become an integral part of business websites but some people like to maintain blogs about others’ businesses like trending blogs(tech gadgets or the happenings in fashion world) or just for fun blogs (Hollywood or entertainment gossip).

  • Informational

    These websites can be used to spread information or advertise about your business or organization.

  • Catalogue

    This website is a step ahead of the informational websites, and is like a brochure about a business. The items your business deals with, their prices, their features etc. are given in a catalogue website.

  • E-commerce

    A website where you can trade, buy or sell items is an e-commerce website. Online stores, selling points and online trade centers and based on e-commerce websites.

  • Networking

    Online forums and social sites (like Facebook and LinkedIn) are best examples of networking sites.

Label the website you want to make with a category. This categorization will help you narrow down the agenda of your website creation process.


Like everything else in life, the better the plan you make for your website, the greater the outcome you can expect. Planning to make a free website is a three part process:

  • Name

    It’s time for you to decide the name of your soon to be born baby. Purchase this domain name using any reliable internet domain registrar. Yes, you will have to pay!
    Tips: Companies, organizations and businesses mostly keep their own name as website domain. Your category will help you here choose a more relevant name, like personal sites and blogs can be named after yourself, and e-commerce website can be called WhteverYouTradeInMarket.com. Be creative, be appealing, the name is going to stay.

  • Hosting

    This is why we don’t recommend you make a free website – you are more liable to facing frequent downtime, your website is more likely to be slower than your competitors’ and lot of benefits are obliterated for you. Before we dig into the cons of making a free website, let’s see how you can make a free website:

    • You can make a free website, literally, by hosting it on your own machine. But only if your Internet Service Provider allows you to do so, mostly they don’t. Cheating your way out of this one is illegal so let’s see the other option.
    • You can use free third party hosting like WordPress or Google Sites etc. There you are. This won’t require you to be much techy either. Almost everything is for you to select and it’s ready to use, but the restrictions go a long way. You will have limited bandwidth and space, you cannot have your own domain name and above all your website will be a pool of advertisements to pay your ‘free’ web host. If this is the price you are willing to pay to make a free website? If yes, go ahead. But if not, here’s how you can proceed.
  • Budgeting

    Decide the budget according to your hosting requirement:

    Budgeting of a website

    You need to choose a ‘reliable’ hosting provider according to your requirement. You can investigate about your requirements from user reviews or customer support. Some notable features of a hosting service are:

    • Technical Support:
      The hosting provider should have 24/7 technical support to help you if you face any issue like how to get started or what to do if your website is down. Most efficient technical support is provided via ticketing system rather than phone or email, because maximum people can be responded that way in minimum time.
    • Hosting Details:
      Space, bandwidth, CPU etc. are the details that you need to check according to the type of your website.
      Other important features you should query about, based on your website type, are:

      • Email address for your domain name: info@myDomain.com. You might need to send a newsletter or provide customer support.
      • Access to control panel for site maintenance.
      • Security integration, especially for e-commerce websites.
      • Website tools like blog and forum.

    Your budget requirement corresponds to your needs so figure out what you need and allocate a budget accordingly.


Now that you have a domain name and hosting provider, all you need is material to put up on your website and share it with the world.

website design procedure

  • Design

    Gugggly is a home to people on a budget who want to make a free website. While you have invested on the essentials, we provide you with free website templates for all types of websites.

    • You can choose from the gallery of our html templates.
    • Landing page is an indispensable part of your website. We have a range of landing page templates for you to choose from.
    • If you are on a budget and looking to make a single page website,Gugggly has amazing single page websites designed just for you.

    Our designs are responsive and the user experience has been A/B tested to be the best. Go ahead, download these templates for free and try for yourself.

  • Content

    Content is the key to your website. This is what attracts people to your website and helps them understand how you meet their needs. If you have the skill to write, no one can represent your business better than you. If, however, you hire a professional business or content writer, they can get the job well done. Again, this will be a worthy investment, so you might include it in your budgeting.

  • Marketing

    Last but never the least is marketing. You can hire professional search engine optimization engineers but if you are looking to save a few bucks, you can start with social media. Create social presence for your website and be visible in the relevant circle. Don’t forget to include social links on your website.

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