How to Write a Resume – Components and Tips


Writing a resume can be tricky because it’s a paper that will speak for you and represent you, in the hope of landing a job. Not only does your resume have to be fully representative of your capabilities but it also needs to stand out for you in the competitive market. No matter how qualified you are or how vast your experience is, if your resume does not portray it, it’s hard to say how long it will take you to continue the job hunting. In an earlier post,we discussed how to a write a resume so it is a call to impress the employers, and gets you a ring back for a job interview. Today we shall discuss what exactly should be written in a resume and how it should be drafted. While there is no such thing as a ‘perfect resume’, here’s how you can make your resume more likely to land you an interview call.

1. Contact Information

  • What’s in this section?In this section goes your name, contact number, email address and postal address.
    Length: These are very precise items so no extra description is required here.
  • How to make it compelling?Play with font in this section. Your name should be highlighted and all other bits of information should be organized in a space saving yet very readable manner.


2. Career Objective

  • What’s in this section?This section describes your career goal. You can rename it to Profile, or just Objective.
    Length: You can manage to tell what you want to achieve with a job in a couple of lines at max.
  • How to make it compelling?
    This is the point where you are explaining your worth to the company. You can make your career objective in two ways:Focus on Your Past Experience
    What have you accomplished in your past job that would make your future employer keen in hiring you? State how beneficial you would be as a resource.

    Focus on your Technical Expertise
    This is how it goes specifically for freshmen. You can highlight your skills and how they would make you a valuable asset for the employer.

3. Education

  • What’s in this section?
    Your educational detail will cover this section.
    Length: One line per degree is enough here.
  • How to make it compelling?
    Give the degree name, the name of the school/ college that you took the degree from, the year of completion and the grade or percentage you managed to achieve. This section goes in reverse chronological order.

4. Employment History

  • What’s in this section?All the places where you have worked in the past will be listed here.
    Length: A couple of line per workplace will just about do it.
  • How to make it compelling?
    Give the name of the workplace, the duration you worked for and highlight your job responsibilities at each workplace. Again, this will be in reverse chronological order.
  • What about fresh graduates or people with no prior job experience?Freshmen can skip this section. They can rather focus on their educational achievements and skill set. See the below section for how you can make your skills stand out.

5. Skills

  • What’s in this section?
    What makes you most favorable for the job you are applying for? These strengths will go here.
    Length: Make it precise. Your employer can investigate about the depth of knowledge in the interview.
  • How to make it compelling?This is a quality plus quantity section, but relevance to the job you are applying for is the key. Your culinary skills have nothing to do with the software engineer post you are applying for. Some divergence is useful like if you are applying for the designation of quality assurance engineer and you have prior programming experience, both will be useful for the job you are applying for. Make wise decisions.

6. Honors and Awards

  • What’s in this section?Your achievements during academic or professional years will be listed here.
    Length: One line as per the number of achievements.
  • How to make it compelling?Who wants to know about the Spellathon you won in grade 5? However, your academic distinctions during higher education years, the certifications you did, the job related conferences you attended and the competitions you won are the things that will make your resume stand out from the rest. Prioritize your achievements and list them.

7. References

  • What’s in this section?
    This section is optional.Length:It is mostly preferred as a one liner: Available upon request.
  • How to make it compelling?In the world of social media, you can share the link to any professional network here, like LinkedIn.

Some Useful Tips

Here are some tips that will come in handy when it comes to making your resume more effective:

  1. No one likes to turn pages of your resume. Only the details that are the most relevant to the job you are applying for are to be given.
  2. Prefer giving address of the same city in which you are applying for job. Otherwise the employers might rule you out considering you unavailable for the job. If you don’t have an address in that city, or a friend’s address that can be used, you can give the post office’s address in that city. It will also let the employer know that you do not have an address in that city, but if contacted, you can be reached.
  3. Do no use one resume for all jobs that you are applying for. Tailor it according to the job description you are targeting making you suitable for that particular vacancy.
  4. Every employer values job sincerity and long term stay at a job. Do not make your resume say it otherwise about you. As your job experience grows, focus more on the skills you’ve learnt and the projects you have completed rather than the jobs you kept switching for whatever reason. Highlight the progress you have been making with each job hop and show how you can contribute to the success of this organization you are applying in.

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