How to Write a Newsletter – 10 Hands-on Tips


Newsletters have become a ‘thing’ since the advent of SEO. But especially since Google’s Panda update was first rolled out in February 2011, website owners now know that if they do not provide quality content on their sites, their rank will suffer. Now that time and money is being invested on quality content, newsletters have become an integral part of online marketing. But in this race where every email address is stuffed with newsletters, how can you write a newsletter that stands out from the rest and actually makes a difference for your SEO and marketing campaign? Here are 10 hands-on tips on how to write a newsletter that will not only make an impression but also collect leads for your website.


1. Make a lasting first impression – Choose a catchy title

Your newsletter title goes a long way. You want to make it something so appealing that each time it arrives in the inbox, the readers stop, stare, smile and open. Catchy can be anything; intriguing, valuable, interesting or plainly something attractive. Play with words and make your subject line extraordinary. It can be changed with every newsletter, so you have a lot of room to make every email count.
Second important title is the one you are using inside the newsletter for each news piece. This also needs not be exactly the same as the one on your website. Say something inviting, compel the readers to open it.

2. Focus on the Goal – Why are you sending the newsletter after all?

Newsletters can be of many types; like promotional, informative, engaging, ‘sales’ oriented and many more. Decide on your ‘reason’ for writing this newsletter so the newsletter content can be centered on it and is actually worthwhile. If you are sending multiple types of information in one newsletter, like the discounts you are offering, the new items available and the survey you want to conduct to know which items are readers most interested in, readers are more likely to either ignore all or focus on the ONE item that they are most interested in. Do not expect them to re-open your email and go through each item individually. One newsletter per information is preferred.

3. Do some homework – Who are your clients and what is your business in relation to their needs?

Your subscribers are the people who want some benefit out of your business. If you know their business, interests, demographics or problems, you can work on providing better solutions. Get to know your subscribers and come to their rescue in the newsletter. The more relevant your newsletter content is to a business, the more chances you have of being picked by them as their clients. Get the most out of your newsletters.

4. Draft the content wisely – Keep it effective till the end

Newsletter is usually a one page email that redirects people to your website. Make the headlines attractive and to-the-point. Bring in some curiosity or target your readers’ interests. You do not always need to stick to the topic, make the user inquisitive to read the whole thing. For instance, your topic is ‘How to write a newsletter?’ In your own newsletter, you can make the heading:

Why aren’t your newsletters brining traffic? Read more to unravel the secret to running successful newsletter campaigns.

Accuracy is the key to your content. State the facts and do not dodge the ball towards your readers. If they miss your point, or worse, misunderstand, you might lose some faithful or long-term clients.

5. Proof-Read – Make it error free

You wouldn’t want a reader finding out a misspelled word or a grammatical error. There is always room for error. Do not wait for your readers to fill in on you about this. Always proof read the content, or better, have another pair of eyes go through it. Clear out any confusions and make the newsletter error-free.

6. Size matters – A newsletter is NOT a newspaper

A newsletter is not to be confused with a newspaper. You only want people to receive the highlights about your business. Do not flood in unnecessary detail. In fact, minimum scrolling allows readers through the entire newsletter at a glance. Keep your newsletters short and easy to navigate through.

7. Design Matters – Make it go easy on the eyes

Newsletter design is vital to its success. The newsletter should be responsive because you never know which device your readers will use to access it. Moreover, the design itself should be user friendly and striking. You can make it engaging and enticing with adept graphics.

8. Keep the interest levels alive – Regular updates help

Change is always welcomed. Especially in the web world where opportunities are infinite, monotony kills the charm and the brand. Newsletters should also bring in variation for the readers. This might be a design update or something new to the content. Variety is undoubtedly the spice of life, why not have it work for your newsletters? Be creative.

9. Connect on Social Media – Build a bond

Make your newsletter a channel to bond and connect with your readers. Give social icons where readers can directly ‘Like’ your Facebook page, ‘Follow’ you on Twitter, ‘+1’ you on Google+ and so on. You can give a link where readers can send their feedback and connect via email. Make your newsletters a bridge to connect with your readers on social channels and have them spread the word.

10. Invest in your newsletters – Then expect return

You alone might not have enough time or skill to get everything done in time and with accuracy. Invest in resources like time, content writers, graphic designers, and an email delivery system that never postpones your newsletters. Useful content and on-time delivery will make your newsletter an effective part of both your digital marketing campaign and SEO strategy. When your readers get everything spiced up, they are sure to benefit from your efforts and you in return, can enjoy all the good that a newsletter has to offer.

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