How to Establish, and What to Expect of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign


Emails are an interactive and popular means of connecting with people. Over the time, the number of email users has increased more than any other online activity including social media and search engine usage.

With a smart phone in every hand, people are getting more and more interested in reading their emails to stay connected and updated. This is evident from the below stats:


With the massive use of emails, they are a preferred means of marketing. Email marketing is done by sending out commercial messages to people directly via email. Sounds simple enough? It is quite but, there are a few things that, if done properly, can bring huge benefits. Before we look at the benefits, let’s see how you can start an effective email marketing campaign.

  1. Focus on your Intent – Draft meaningful emails

    Why do you need an email marketing campaign? There can be numerous reasons like promotions, special offers, deals, discounts, invitations or maybe, you want to share information about your product like what’s new or how is it better than your competitors, etc. Know your intent and focus on it. Design your email and draft the content according to your intent. Each email in your campaign might differ, like newsletters vs. sales promotion, but the long term intent is the same, i.e., increase sales, increase click through rate, build clientage and increase customer loyalty. With each email, keep your intent in mind and draft it accordingly.

  2. Write a candid yet fascinating subject line – Increase your emails’ open rate

    Subject line is the key to getting your emails opened. It should sound beneficial to the email recipient so he is inclined to open it. Open rate can be measured and can be a determining factor for your campaign’s success or failure. For HTML emails, you can put a small image to be downloaded. These downloads can be counted and equals the number of emails opened. This, however, will not work if the recipient has not allowed automatic image downloads and he does not allow it to happen for this particular email. Another strategy for text emails can be to put a link in the email and count the clicks. A 20% open rate is considered good.

  3. Know your audience – Keep them Happy

    Audience can be segmented based on age, gender, demographics, interests etc. You should first decide who the intended audience of your business is. Then compose your email according to the recipient. For example, if you are designing an email marketing strategy for a shoe store, your emails would have separate colors, look and feel, and images for males, females and children.

  4. Use a Tested Layout – Hit the target

    Email design is very important to attract customers to regard your email and even visit your website. You might even use A/B testing to decide which email layout works best for which intent of email. For example, if you want to call your audience to action, the layout might be different than when you are sending a promotional email. Let your readers ‘find’ what they are looking for. Make it available for them.

  5. Build trust – Don’t break it

    Your clients or subscribers have a trusting relation with you. Do not break this trust by spamming or selling their email addresses. Send quality and reduce quantity. When someone trusts you with their email address, respect their privacy and do not exceed the frequency of emails. Ideal frequency has been discussed but there is no significant number. You can start by monthly emails and later, maybe set a poll on your site or send out a survey to your clients asking the frequency of updates they want. This decision would not have you lose clients merely because of frequency of emails.

Now that you know the basics of how to setup a good marketing campaign, let’s look at why email marketing is a favorite for digital marketers and how does it make a successful part of online marketing.

  1. Cost Effective

    Emails are easy to create, track and share. Once you have the optimal design, there is minimal effort required to draft emails. You can measure the success rate or open rate for your emails, as discussed above, which empowers you to move your campaign towards success. Emails are easy to share not only for you, but if you are sending quality, your clients can forward these emails to friends and family making emails truly far reaching and cost effective. You don’t need poster prints or billboards, yet you reach your desired market and have a minimal chance of getting missed.

  2. Builds and keeps customer loyalty intact

    Emails are a weapon to spread brand or product awareness. They are a gateway to your clients so if used properly, they can build and increase your customer loyalty. Just build expectation in your emails and fulfil them with your services. Emails are a reminder to your clients that you exist. It’s your best chance at bridging the consumer-product gap.

  3. Global reach

    Segmentation based on demographics is a considerable factor for digital marketing. Emails give you a global reach, giving you a chance to market the right content to the right people.

  4. Better Click through rate

    Clickt hrough rate is the number of people who actually use the links in your emails to visit your blog or website. A properly planned and well organized email marketing campaign increases the click through rate.

  5. Better Conversion Rate

    Conversion rate is the number of people who perform the action expected of them to perform as a result of email marketing. For example, your emails are used by people to navigate to your website or blog where they can make purchases, read the content, share it on social media, fill out a survey and interact in whatever way you wanted them to when you sent them the email in the first place. You just need to make an effective call to action in your emails and the rest is all done.

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