How to Earn Bitcoins Online


How to Earn Bitcoins Online

Bitcoins is a new electronic payment system and also a currency. Bitcoin is increasingly accepted as a valid method of payment. In addition to payments, you can also make money with Bitcoins. The polyamines of this digital, virtual currency has become a lucrative business.

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is currency like the Euro and the Dollar are. The big difference between Bitcoins and other currencies is that Bitcoin is not managed by a central institution, government or other authority, but by the computers of all participants. The big advantage is that the currency is not tied to the economy, the rate of the currency fluctuates very much less as compared to other currencies. Bitcoins are created every day and are hidden in complicated mathematical calculations/puzzles.

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How to Earn Bitcoins Online

You can make money with Bitcoins in a few ways. Below, we discuss how to earn Bitcoins online. It is up to you to trade or invest in Bitcoins.


Bitcoins Mines

The most common way to make money with Bitcoins is mines to Bitcoins. Now I hear you thinking, what minas have to do with bitcoins? Bitcoins mines implies that it lets you solve the complicated mathematical puzzles by a computer allowing you to “digs” Bitcoins, you literally go to Bitcoins mines.

Make Bitcoin Address

To begin with Bitcoins mines you must first have a Bitcoin “address”. This is a kind of e-wallet where you can collect your hard-earned bitcoins. Visit to choose a suitable purse.

Do it yourself or join a mining pool?


As mentioned, you have to solve complex puzzles to earn bitcoins and you need a strong computer here. Even with a powerful computer may take a very long time before your first Bitcoins are inside. To have more success you can sign up with a better mining pole (a network of computers that work together to find new Bitcoins). If they found Bitcoins revenue is distributed to all participants (miners).

Examples of mining pools are: This and This. For a full comparison of mining pools look at the Bitcoin wiki.

Installing Mining Software

Bitcoins are not easy, you need a mining program above. This program must be installed on your computer so that the computer be able to solve the puzzles. Guiminer is probably a good choice for you. If you have installed the software, you can start with Bitcoins mining.

Trade or Invest in Bitcoins

You can also earn money by investing in Bitcoins digital currency. It is riskier and the money that you invest, can be lost, but it can also yield a lot. At Plus500 you can immediately start investing in Bitcoins. If today you create an account, you get a sign up bonus of € 25.00!

Always Earn Bitcoins

The price of Bitcoin is anything but stable: the beginning of 2012 the currency was almost worthless while the price has recently touched a thousand of euros! When time was boarded you had earned a fortune, unfortunately this is not the case, but do not worry: it’s still possible to make lots of money by trading Bitcoins. But how does this really mean in its operation?

The easiest and cheapest way to make money with Bitcoins by marketing them through a broker. A broker is a setting where you can easily buy or sell a security. The beauty of online brokers is in the fact that you can make money in a falling rate.

Immediately Start Trading

With the broker Plus 500 you can make money by trading CFDs Bitcoins. The trading of CFDs bitcoins is very simple: with the press of a button you open a position of the famous Bitcoin. The software is easy to use: you can also use namely orders that lets you automatically open a position when the price of Bitcoin reaches a certain value: that way you do not have to constantly keep an eye on the price.


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