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Personal web presence or in other words having a website or blog tailored to your niche is an asset that you cannot do without. But it is also said that creativity cannot be rushed.

In terms of getting just the right website created for your business, the best route to take would be to hire professionals for the task. But such professional website developers and designers can charge a lot for their specialized services, and it is not always simple to pay the sum, in light of the substantial expenses of their efforts and development related necessities, indeed a basic site page can cost you as high as $50 to $150, depending upon your requirements. Moreover, the process of development and deployment of your site is iterative and on-going and sometimes may require significant time period from the developers to fulfill your pre-requisites.

Considering these facts, how do you tell your clients and potential customers to wait without embarrassing yourself while you attempt to come up with a website which is just right for you and your business and which shall also ensure a satisfactory and efficient user experience for your website visitors.

During the time your website is under development chances are that you might miss a potential customer, in case they view an arcane “URL Not Found/Page Does Not Exist” message, which can give an impression of non-expertise. The best practice you can adopt to avoid such a circumstance, is to preferably set up a coming soon page to compliment your website or blog. This conveys the message properly to the visitors that your site is under development and not yet prepared and that they should check back sooner or later once more.

These coming soon pages can fill up the gaps very well. They can help retain the attention of your visitors and display some essential information regarding your business and services along with a introduction to your niche. Not only that, such pages also provide subscription/contact forms for your visitors to leave you a message.

The good news is that these are easy to create and deploy, however in case you don’t know much about website creation and are unable to create one on your own, you can make use of free page templates to create attractive coming soon pages. Coming Soon Templates are common available for download and the ones featuring a visually attractive and functional countdown timer are the best ones to use to inform your visitors about the upcoming website or blog.


Kareeb is a free, clean coming soon website PSD template. Kareeb can be setup as your pre-launch home page while you get your website/blog/app developed.

Included in the template:

  • A countdown timer with Day, Hours, Minutes and Seconds
  • About section where you can add information about your company
  • What we do section to provide info about your services
  • Newsletter Subscription Form
  • Contact Form

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