Coming Soon PSD Template [Free Download] – Qurbat


Free coming soon pages or under development templates are exceptionally helpful for any web-site owner. Using such pages you can update your visitors if you are doing any enhancement, scheduled or emergency maintenance on your site. Placing a counter and a subscription form and your social network links on your website will help visitors to keep track of your progress and updates. Such things can attract site visitor to bookmark, subscribe to your newsletter, or even join your social network.

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Coming Soon Free PSD Template (With Counter) – Kareeb


Personal web presence or in other words having a website or blog tailored to your niche is an asset that you cannot do without. But it is also said that creativity cannot be rushed.

In terms of getting just the right website created for your business, the best route to take would be to hire professionals for the task. But such professional website developers and designers can charge a lot for their specialized services, and it is not always simple to pay the sum, in light of the substantial expenses of their efforts and development related necessities, indeed a basic site page can cost you as high as $50 to $150, depending upon your requirements. Moreover, the process of development and deployment of your site is iterative and on-going and sometimes may require significant time period from the developers to fulfill your pre-requisites.

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