Free One Page Website Template – Singular


One page web design is an interesting way to get your personal or business website in one place. One page website is a great way to display your portfolio, talk about your company mission statement, display your clients and share your testimonials with the users.

Beautifully handcrafted one page website will get visitor’s attention, facilitates the visitor’s interaction with the site and can help convert that visitor into a customer. Singular one page website template features vibrant colors, simple and clean layout, neat typography – the key ideas of effective one page web design.

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Best & Professional Email Signatures Template – ESignatures Vol.2


Emailing is one of the most common means of communication today. Whether it is for communicating with potential/current clients, suppliers and partners or between work associates, the use of emails in the business world is firmly entrenched.

For a large organization or one that is growing fast or one perhaps with offices in different locations, emailing can result in some challenges. One of the challenges is consistent branding. Different offices may use different fonts, colors, images and messages while communicating with clients and other stakeholders. This is likely to result in diluting any ongoing branding efforts. Professional email signature templates can help.
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