How To Write A Resume


The resume is the document in which you have to synthesize your work experience and quality in a schematic way. It is essential to better organize the space and content. Your resume should be simple, concise and easy to read.

Knowing how to write a resume is a very important part in any process of looking for a job. It is the first filter used by human resource managers, then, how much better it is prepared and presented, the greater your chances of being successful in an interview.

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Bootstrap 3 Tutorial: Learn Web Design With Twitter Bootstrap


Learn Web Design with Twitter Bootstrap

Designing a website from scratch is a difficult task. Even seasoned developers who are familiar with languages ​​such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS, face difficulties during the working process of designing/developing a website.

Fortunately, developers and designers has contributed to the solution of this problem and launched framework called Twitter Bootstrap, which is designed to simplify the lives of web designers and web developers.

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