Free PSD Website Template – Zanbeel


Here’s the latest addition to our library of free PSD website templates. This week, we have a business website template that is rich in theme and design. You can use this template in a number of ways, including:

  • Advertisement website
  • Marketing website
  • Brand building website
  • Services website
  • Product website

This amazing website template has been designed by field experts and satisfies all design standards. It is easy to customize so a little tweaking according to your brand can make it just the way you want it to be. We are offering this free PSD website template to cater both your personal and commercial needs.

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Is Your Website’s Design Responsive to All Devices or All Users Too?


Web design is responsive design. Responsive web design is web design, done right.

~ Andy Clarke

In the web designing realm, responsive design is not a new kid on the block. With the exceeding usage of internet on the variety of screen sizes and resolutions, web designers are hastily following this trend to make optimally usable designs. But, do you know that humans are way more diverse in behavior and interaction than the viewports available in today’s world? Continue reading

Free Photography Website Template – Photography


This week’s free website template by Frittt is a photography website. Everyone has cameras or camera phones in their hands, so everyone is taking pictures, selfies, portraits and landscapes. Who doesn’t want to share their camera art with friends and family on social media? But why not share them on your own personal photography website and showcase your camera art to the world!

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How to Write a Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a part of your job application that gives you a chance to explain your skills and interests. The detail that you were not given enough space to explain in your resume can be given in the cover letter. This post will explain how you can unravel the full potential of a cover letter and how it can personify you in front of your potential employer. The article will cover the why, what and what not of a how to write a cover letter in detail. A free sample cover letter has been given at the end to give you an easy start before we wish you the best of luck for your job hunt.

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How to Write a Resume – Components and Tips


Writing a resume can be tricky because it’s a paper that will speak for you and represent you, in the hope of landing a job. Not only does your resume have to be fully representative of your capabilities but it also needs to stand out for you in the competitive market. No matter how qualified you are or how vast your experience is, if your resume does not portray it, it’s hard to say how long it will take you to continue the job hunting. In an earlier post,we discussed how to a write a resume so it is a call to impress the employers, and gets you a ring back for a job interview. Today we shall discuss what exactly should be written in a resume and how it should be drafted. While there is no such thing as a ‘perfect resume’, here’s how you can make your resume more likely to land you an interview call.

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How to Write a Newsletter – 10 Hands-on Tips


Newsletters have become a ‘thing’ since the advent of SEO. But especially since Google’s Panda update was first rolled out in February 2011, website owners now know that if they do not provide quality content on their sites, their rank will suffer. Now that time and money is being invested on quality content, newsletters have become an integral part of online marketing. But in this race where every email address is stuffed with newsletters, how can you write a newsletter that stands out from the rest and actually makes a difference for your SEO and marketing campaign? Here are 10 hands-on tips on how to write a newsletter that will not only make an impression but also collect leads for your website.

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One Page Free Website Template – Sports


Frittt Templates brings you another addition to the family of free one page website templates.

This week we are featuring Sports. Sports are always trending and happening. If you are into sports and love to talk about it, we have a gift of a free website template that you can download, edit and use. This one page website template will allow you to get set and go with your personal website. Just put in your content and you are ready to make your online presence and if you make minor changes, so much as changing basic colors, no one will know that you are using a free website template. You can raise all praises and make your dream of having a personal website, a reality.

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4 Top Benefits of a Professional Web Page Design


One of the requirements for the internet success of any business is a professional web page design is essential to internet success. For various reasons, professional web page design still stands out of the numerous tutorials, do-it-yourself websites and web design software programs available online. Professionalism adds its own outlook to any business and therefore, we have outlined four major benefits gotten from having a professional web page design.

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